CB-3000  Male Chastity Device for  Men Crossdresser
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CB-3000  Male Chastity Device for  Men Crossdresser
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With the purchase of a CB-3000 chastity belt we are offering free points
- WOW - a $20.00 value! 

It represents the natural lines of the penis. It is extremely transparent which makes it very intriguing while being worn. The slope makes it virtually undetectable under clothing. Take the time to find the right sized cuff ring and the proper spacing to get the exact custom fit.

We highly recommend using baby oil/gel or a similar product after showering, applying to the penis with a cotton swab. This allows the penis to naturally move up and down in the cage portion. After this has been accomplished you should be able to wear it 24/7 for indefinite periods of time...1 months, 3 months...wearer and Key holder ultimately determine the period of time! The material is a highly durable polycarbonate. It is very light weight which adds to the comfort. It is vented with slots allowing natural air drying. The design also allows for hygiene when bathing. Use a soapy sponge or cloth to allow the soap and water to clean the interior of the cage. If traveling, make sure to wear a numbered plastic lock if going through metal detectors. The restraining  "Yoke" to encapature the testicles is fixed, not hinged/swiveled connection, several are furnished for fit. 

It has been reported that some men have worn the brass padlock and have not had any ‘alarming’ experiences, however, the plastic lock is still recommended. The CB-3000 consists of 2 parts: Cuff Ring Cuff Ring re-designed for comfort. Comes in five sizes: 1 1/2”, 1 5/8”, 1 3/4”, 1 7/8” & 2.0”. These five sizes come with each order. This allows the wearer to experiment to find his exact size.  Each ring consists of two guide pin holes and a recessed locking pin hole. Spacers are provided for an individual fit. These spacers go over the locking pin, between the cuff ring and the cage. Cage Portion (Inside Length 3” - Inside Diameter 1 3/8”) The cage portion has two guide pins and a locking pin hole. The cuff ring goes behind the ball sack and over the penis. Install the locking pin and the spacers. Put the cage over the penis and then line up the cage portion with the cuff ring. Slide the guide pins and locking pin into place and attach a lock on the tip of the locking pin. Once you have found the exact fit, cut the ends of the guide pins with a pair of side cutter pliers and smooth the edges with an emery board.

Note: Some men have a high tight ball sack. If this is the case it may take a little longer to get a comfortable exact fit. For the best results the ball sack should hang slightly beneath the cuff ring and cage portion. You may find it necessary to stretch the ball sack. This can be accomplished by ‘The Enhancer’ or by wearing a 1” leather strap off and on around the top of the sack until it stretches slightly. Make sure to smooth the skin under the ball sack to each side. If the skin overlaps, this may cause a burning sensation. Each order includes the above: Five individually numbered plastic locks. One brass padlock with two keys. Three different sized locking pins. Five different sized spacers.

Lubricate the head and shaft of penis with a silicon based gel or lotion prior to wearing any of the devices. Do yourself a favor and always put the product on while in a ‘Relaxed State’.

RINGS:  When wearing the CB-3000  open the bottom swivel and put them around the ball sack and penis. The CB-3000  is to be worn by taking the bottom portion of the ring and put it around the ball sack and penis. Insert the top ring with the guide pins. While putting on the other top half make sure to push the penis in
a down position while attaching these two pieces. 

LOCKING PINS: Insert the locking pin in the recessed side of the rings.

SPACERS:  The small spacer goes behind the lock and in front of the ring.
CAGE: Insert the penis into the cage. Push the penis down in order to avoid pinching when connecting the cage to the ring.

POINTS OF  PAIN:  CB-3000   The Points of Pain come in three different lengths. The points for the CB-3000 . The long edge goes towards the ring. They fit on the locking pin between the cage and ring.

BRASS PADLOCK: After assembling the ring, guide pins, locking pin and spacers to the cage, attach the brass padlock. 

CLEANING PRODUCT: Use a mild soap and soft type brush (toothbrush) for cleaning. Do Not use household cleaning products.

NOTE: Always take the time to smooth any loose skin around the rings and cage for the most comfortable fit.

Product Features 

• 3" length 1.45" inside diameter cage 
• 5 ring sizes - 1 1/2"I.D., 1 5/8"I.D., 1 3/4"I.D., 1 7/8"I.D., 2"I.D. 
• Package includes: 1 cage portion; 5 different size rings; Locking pins and spacers; One brass padlock; Five individually numbered plastic locks 
• Numbered plastic locks included allow wearer to go through metal detectors without setting off alarms 

Product Description 

The CB-3000 Male Chastity Device is a newly updated classic offering the best of comfort and security. The CB-3000 now incorporates the classic cage of the CB-3000 with the ring design of the CB-6000. The rings consist of three interlocking pieces that fit together like a puzzle. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring. The flat design of the rings is extremely comfortable and secure. The CB-3000 is made of medical grade polycarbonate material. It is lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable. The cage portion is vented for hygiene and has a bottom opening allowing use at urinals. The different size rings and spacers included in each package allow you to customize your fit to your individual needs. The CB-3000 restricts you from touching your genitals for sexual pleasure and gives the Keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment of both partners

Instructions for CB-3000

Lubricate the head and shaft of the penis using silicone lubricant. Put the product on while in a relaxed state.

U-Rings: Put the U-Ring under and behind the testicles and penis. Your kit comes with 5 different sized U-Rings. Choose the size that provides a snug, but not tight fit. We also offer 2 extra large sized U-Rings available for purchase separately.

BASE #1 & #2: Insert the Base # 1 with the guide pins facing out, away from the body through the holes in the U-Ring. Slide the Base # 2 piece onto the guide pins forming a solid ring. Make sure to push the penis in a down position while attaching Base # 1 & Base # 2.

LOCKING PIN: Insert the locking pin through the center holes in Base # 1 & Base # 2.

SPACERS: The spacers are designed in such a way that each spacer fits a particular locking pin.

Your kit comes with  3 CB-3000  locking pin and spacer combinations. Choose the one that provides a snug, but not tight fit.

CAGE: Insert the penis into the cage. Push the penis down in order to avoid pinching when connecting the cage to the ring.

PADLOCK: After assembling the ring, guide pins, locking pin and spacers to the cage, attach the brass padlock. Make sure to have a mistress/master Keyholder!

CLEANING PRODUCT: Use a toy cleaner and a soft brush to clean. Do NOT use household cleaning products.

NOTE: Always take the time to smooth any loose skin around the rings and cage for the most comfortable fit.

Tight cage?  Some customers have success fitting into a tight cage by using something called the stocking trick. You cut the foot out of a nylon stocking and insert the open end through the tip of the CB-3000 slot. Pull most of the stocking through the slot. Insert penis into stocking. Gently push CB-3000 tube onto penis. Slowly slide stocking off by pulling it back out through the slot in reverse. That should pull the penis down into the tube with no discomfort and it should get you all the way down in there without the painful bunching of skin. Use  silicone lubricant to help with this process. 

Replacement part
Due to the nature of these products, we do not accept returns. No Returns or Refunds
Features Benefits
This product controls the cheater and the submissive man!! Now you will now have a key holder to control you
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