Body control Short cut
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Body control Short cut
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Body control suit designed with a special band
It enhances and reaffirms the bust. Fasteners at bottom.
Removable and adjustable straps, bra not included.


Your girdle should be one size less than your normal slacks size. Therefore, the moment you put on your girdle, your waist size is reduced automatically to the size of the girdle. For example: If you wear slacks size 12, your girdle should be 10. This way your waist is reduced automatically from size 12 to 10 and at that exact moment, your figure is pleasurably improved.


If you prefer to select your girdle without regard to your slacks size, use the chart below as a guide to your correct size according to your waist measurement in inches:

• Place the upper part of the girdle under the bust-line.
• Close the fasteners from the top down making sure the girdle is centered. Use your belly-button as the guide. It should be exactly under the right hand fasteners.
• On the first day you use your girdle, use it only for one hour, on the second day for two hours, on the third for three hours and so on until you get to the number of hours that you are normally active, or from the time you get up to the time you go bed.
• For extra protection and comfort we recommend you use a cotton cloth garment under the girdle. This will protect your skin and absorb perspiration.
• Once the girdle is on, if it does not feel comfortable, take it off and put it on again, following the instructions carefully. The girdle should not be pulled or yanked at the edges because the latex rubber material can easily be torn.


Just by putting on the girdle you will be able to wear a size smaller than you normally wear. This is a step in the right direction. However the best satisfaction comes from experiencing the instant transformation into a more graceful, slender new you.


• Do no t use any skin oils or creams under your girdle because these substances affect the latex rubber and can cause skin irritation.
• If you have long fingernails be careful handling your girdle.
• The girdle should not be worn while taking showers, in steam baths or saunas.
• The girdle should not be worn during sleep because the human body requires periods of complete muscular relaxation.
• Gently wash your girdle by hand, using a soft soap. Towel dry to remove excess water. Allow it to air dry out of direct sunlight. Before putting it away, apply talcum powder to the latex.
• Important: Never wash your girdle in a washing machine, and do not dry by sunlight.

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